Artifacts of the Ancient Ones

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Most artifacts of the Ancient ones all come from the Archivist known as Xalops. They say he created books that could be used to see into the past or the future, alter your very surrounding, explore the lives of any being, or even create your own world. Supposedly four such artifacts still exist, though I can’t help but wonder how many more there might be.
-Joryn Darnbringer

Now to break immersion. These are external links to Mobile Apps and Websites that have been or will be created by Xalops Software. Only some of these links will work while others are placeholders.

The Archivist: Chronologies

This is an Application that will allow users to create any type of calendar system and/or time line they can image, and then plot events across all time lines, or on specific time lines. This Web App will be Genre Neutral and based on a Web API that might be opened for other developers to utilize. An example would be a Lunar Event happens no matter what Calendar System you look at, but New Years may fall at different points and last different durations based on the Calendar System. This will hopefully allow users to create in depth Time Lines for their campaign world, story plot, book, video game, etc in order to be more organized and create a more immersive history, at a faster paced. There will definitely a Web Front End that is open for everyone. More Information will be released for this as it becomes available.

The Archivist: Elements on Android or Windows Phone

Archivist Elements was created with the concept of working with any Fantasy based Pen & Paper game available. It’s purpose is to make any DM’ing and GM’ing easier to generate spontaneous content when needed. This can help with writer’s block, just wanting randomness, or for when your players go down some path you had absolutely nothing planned out for. It is also a great aid for simple questions, like what is the name of that Bartender, or what herbs do I find in the forest.

The Archivist: Tales

This will be a Custom Tabletop Game System that will hopefully simplify some of the drawbacks of D&D 3.5 while still allowing great customization and realism. This Game System will have it’s First Draft displayed in this Campaign on Obsidian Portal. Hopefully you all like it.

The Archivist: Worlds

This will be a website that is dedicated to a collaborative Game World between all users. It will follow a wiki format and be used for Campaign Setting Creation. It will allow users to all generate Characters, Locations, Dungeons, Monsters, and more in the same world and rate content by others. Then a user will also have the ability to “Create a Campaign Setting”. This allows them to pick any content they want and then save it as a PDF or even Print it out. Why create 1000 NPC’s when you can have 1000 people each create 1?

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Artifacts of the Ancient Ones

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