The Menial Manual of the Macrocosm


I have gathered all of my works and references, that I feel you would understand, and have made them available to you in this book: The Menial Manual of the Macrocosm. Be patient, this is no normal book. It is magic and may well be the most important book in existence.
I have made numerous copies of this book, and they are all linked. When anyone who holds this book should learn something, that information is automatically scribed onto an empty page in the book in the appropriate section. Also, should you think you are running out of pages, you can take any random piece of parchment, and the book will magically bind that page inside of itself as well as erase any of its contents.
Quite a nifty little book isn’t it? Anyway, enjoy your copy. Please try not to fill the book with frivolous information.
- Joryn Dawnbringer


Section 1 – Cosmology and the Realms

Section 2 – Life, Death, and the Soul

Section 3 – Luck and Favor of the Gods

Section 4 – Aspects and Attributes

Section 5 – Knowledges

Section 6 – Common Skills

Section 7 – Trade Skills

Section 8 – Combat

Section 9 – Communication and Diplomacy

Section 10 – Magic and Arcana

Section 11 – Notes

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The Menial Manual of the Macrocosm

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